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Quality is second only to safety and we take pride in our ability to perform high quality work while maintaining a safe working environment for our employee. We strive to exceed our customers'  expectations in every service we provide and have earned the reputation of being a reliable contractor for all of our customers. We have received commendations for completing projects ahead of schedule, safe working conditions, and good housekeeping. We are committed to our customers and to providing them the best service possible to meet their needs.






Safety is not an option. Our goal is zero accidents and injuries. The safety and health of our employees is the first consideration in operating in this industry. Safety and productivity are mutually compatible and attainable; safety will not be compromised because of time or money considerations.



*Rates as of December 2014



The industry we are in should not be a risky one. All-Safe takes the safety of our workers and our job sites very seriously. We are a "safety first" minded company and our primary goal is for continuous safety improvement, as it is apart of our core mission and in our everyday operating culture. How do we do this? All of our employees are trained to OSHA standards on safe work methods and safety regulations for each type of job. Moreover we conduct weekly safety meetings and have continuous audits of job sites to find and eliminate unsafe working conditions and practices, to control health hazards, and to fully comply with all safety and health standards.



We maintain a manual of safety procedures and practices that is reviewed and updated on a continual basis and we pride ourselves on being up-to-date on the most current safety philosophies and recommendations that are designed to assure the safety of our employees and others. All-Safe also employs skilled OSHA & MSHA certified instructors who are responsible for employee training, new hire orientation, and job-site safety inspections to ensure a continuous focus on safety.


For a complete copy of our Safety Manual, contact our corporate office at 1-866-774-0441.

In order to emphasize our responsibility to safety, we require that all of our employees and supervisors are provided with proper training as required by OSHA and/or MSHA (as necessary for facilities that require such trainging). Our training system includes, but is not limited to the use of videos, handouts, related newspaper articles, and OSHA newsletters. Each employee is evaluated on their comprehension of the provided safety training before allowed to work on any facility.


Employees are also tasked trained for their specific craft. We provide specific programs for each craft that qualifies the employee to complete the task before them. We believe that proper employee training benefits everyone by saving time and money while maintaining the highest quality of safety.