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All-Safe exceeds expectations with every coat!


All-Safe began as a cleaning and coatings company and thus is a cornerstone of the business; So as you can imagine, we are exceptionally skilled at what we do. We ensure all jobs are completed with unsurpassed quality and attention to detail. All-Safe can meet the most rigorous engineering standards and all coating services are SSPC compliant. Here's a list of a few main services we provide:

Floor Coatings, including chemical resistant, concrete, and non-skid coatings

Ceramic Coatings

Roof Coatings

Protective Coating Applications

Fireproof Coating

Secondary Containment

Tank Linings

Pipe and Tank Labelling

Lead Abatement

Enviropeel Thermoplastic Coatings







    Enviropeel is a unique re-usable thermoplastic barrier coating system that has been proven to reduce the costs of corrosion and wear by up to 95%.


    A durable, flexible material at normal temperatures, Enviropeel is melted in a specially designed mobile application unit and sprayed as a liquid on to any size or shape of substrate, cooling to a solid in seconds. Built in inhibitors are released on to every surface, providing active protection, penetrating deep into every crevice and flowing around every joint. The material forms a tough yet flexible coccon around the target area providing an impermeable, corrosion-inhibiting barrier that will protect for the lifetime of the system.


    Enviropeel is known to increase equipment life by 500%. It is quick to apply, enivronmentally friendly, easy to strip, re-usable, and recyclable with no VOCs or harmful chemicals.


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